AND Studios
Based in New York City

Release date:
1 August 2017 for Android
Soon after for iOS

Android / iOS

Minyans Of Irie

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Late for a meeting, our hero Captain Argus takes a shortcut. When his cavalier approach to space travel results in the complete destruction of his ship Argus finds himself marooned on the alien planet Irie. With the help of the struggling Minyan civilization and his own masterful engineering ability can Argus rebuild his ship and not be too late for his meeting? Thousands Irie's monsters screech 'No!'


Minyans of Irie grew out of an idea to merge base building and twin stick combat together in one fun package. A little frustration at the lack of good single player mobile experiences didn't hurt either. Starting as a side project in 2015 Minyans of Irie has been in development at AND for two years and will be the studio's first release.


  • Part Base sim, Part Twin Stick Shooter – Unique blend of gameplay modes. Gather resources from expeditions on the planet surface. Spend resources improving your base, your Minyans and your own abilities allowing even further exploration with better loot!
  • Unique Player Progression - Improve core attributes and craft dozens of different weapons and gear each with unique skills and properties. Imbue gear with rare monster chips to impart additional traits at will. Will you play as a tank stomping through Irie or a fast, unhittable glass cannon?
  • Build a Master Base – Build rooms to improve yourself or your Minyan helpers. Guide the clumsy Minyans as they generate food and power for your efforts while fighting the fires and disease that pop up along the way.
  • A Mobile Game – Built from the ground up to play on any modern smartphone - no twin stick controller needed. Requires no internet access and play for free (with ads)
  • How Argus are You? – Rating system evaluates every playthrough! Will you be incredibly late and leave Irie a smoldering wasteland or will you be a punctual pioneer of a Minyan golden age?


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AND Studios

AND Studios is an independent game studio located in New York City.

Minyans of Irie Credits

Andres Poplawski
Lead Developer

Brent Anderson

Cherylynn Lima
Concept Art

Robert Mate
Marketing Consultant

Matt Emmorey

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